“My experience with Amber was truly one of a kind. I have had several readings done before, and by far this has been the best reading I’ve ever had. Amber’s healing, nurturing, and warm energy made receiving this timely message from Spirit even more powerful. I broke down in tears while speaking to her, and am still revisiting this reading because there was just so much to unfold. Amber is a blessing to this world and I can’t wait to have more readings done by her. ”

- Tasha s.

“I had a feeling that my reading would be insightful because I am such a fan of the Podcast Brown Girl Alchemy. I had a question in mind about what an upcoming change might mean to my life and Amber really honed in on the solution. What would be the strengths that I could draw on to make my life change work for me? I felt as though she really does have that very special spiritual gift- the talent to tailor the message that she receives to communicate constructive answers. There was something uniquely empowering about this reading which, gave me a glance into what energies I was dealing with and also how to navigate them. It was a lot of information to receive in a relatively short time. Because the reading was concise I was able to retain the important messages and felt like I have an energy super coach who gave me some notes on how I can play to my strengths during a change. ”

- Sarah G.

“I usually look for answers in spaces that people that inspire me find answers and either feel lifted or like the message still isn’t directly for me. So I reached out to Amber because shes provides so much light in my digital space. I recently received a very meaningful read from Amber. 

The message received has awaken some many new thoughts and brought me so much clarity. Her work is so special and I’m so grateful for her guidance. I’ve now learned that I must know that my intuition is on point when it comes to my life’s purpose. That indulging in a few moments of solitude to quiet my mind will get me back in touch with my center. Learning to accept the gifts of my ancestral lineage by fulfilling my destiny.”

- Tahirah J.

"My reading with Amber was about 5 months ago and I literally have not stopped listening to it. I revisit it often because of how much insight she was able to share with me about my own spiritual journey. Things she said are still resonating in my life right now- it’s crazy. I love that essentially her readings are so personal and timeless- she gives you wisdom from your past, present and future. Amber is so generous with her time and energy and her gifts are undeniable. The best readers are the ones that help give you find the tools to help and heal yourself and make you feel empowered- Amber is one of those readers. Her reading was deep, honest but fun and warm. Thank you!"

- Samantha C.

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your gift and being so warm. It was my very first reading of any type and although I was a bit nervous I'm so glad that I went through with it and that my first experience was with you. 

Since my reading I've started seeing a shift in my life and am welcoming new opportunities."

- Sade L.

"During the session Amber was very thorough. She didn’t leave any unclear messages open, often before I had to ask. She confirmed a dream I’d had the previous night. But the most exciting part of the session for me was the constant reassurance I got about a career change and an out of state move, that theme dominated our session. Sure enough I got a job offer in another state 8 days after the session. Thank you Amber for your reassurance and transparency during our session. Our session was the day before a new moon and I know that the confirmation I got during that reading supported my confidence for the interviews that lead to my offer. I will definitely be booking Amber again."

- Tyra

"I was very excited when you began offering your retainer readings! 

Your general readings are already so on point that I knew couldn’t miss the opportunity to benefit from your wisdom. Your delivery is honest but also kind and thoughtful but you don’t in ever! Anyone who is looking for guidance on any issue they’re concerned with will benefit greatly from booking a reading with you. I always leave our sessions with more clarity and confidence. Thank you for sharing your gift."

- Chipampe M. 

"I’ve received several readings from Amber and am so honored she shared her gift with me. Not only did she predict things (what we all want lol) but she brought clarity to situations I was dealing with privately. Her guidance while I was grieving my mother was so valuable and helped me connect with her and my other ancestors so deeply. Amber’s readings are to shed light and empower you. I remember at one point I was booking a little too often and she was like “Girl can you apply the lessons from the previous readings first?” Lol. She wants the best for you even if you don’t wanna hear it! I’m definitely more confident in my spirituality and connection since working with Amber. She is definitely the REAL DEAL!!! Absolutely recommend!"

- Yinka

"I received a reading from Amber a while back and the accuracy has stuck with me. She really knows her stuff. Some things she picked up that was currently happening and other things she predicted before it happened. Her knowledge, wisdom & delivery are unmatched! Thank you again Amber"

- D.C.

"You are MAGIC!!! I love your readings. I love your energy. And I appreciate you so much!!!"

- Sarah M. 

"A beautiful and encouraging reading! Thanks for being thoughtful and inclusive about pronouns/identity."

- Alexis R. 

"My reading was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced. It was such warm welcoming experience. Amber was so clear on a few terms that where unclear to me. I really enjoyed my reading, and look forward to the next one.”

- Nakeesha S.

"I had such a wonderful reading with Amber. It was honestly overwhelmingly to hear a complete stranger read me like a book. A lot of what she told me were things that I already knew but the universe reiterated it thru her. She has an amazing gift and I will def be doing another reading in the future”

- Keisha D.