I’ve leaned on spiritual tools passed down to me in the midst of chasing my fashion dreams. Straight from the home of fashion NYC, I’ve acquired a Bachelors in Fashion Merchandising with a concentration in fashion publications, working with household name brands and icons all the while, spirit led me to read for family and close friends behind the scenes. Since then, I’ve been your favorite healer's favorite healer and coveted diviner. My spirits have also guided me to create my own modality, Stylecasting, for psychic trend forecasting and fashion predictions.

The behind the scenes work led to features such as Vogue, Essence and Marie Claire and securing my own tarot columns at Sweet July and Zora.

Some of my viral and scarily accurate predictions include pop culture’s most iconic events, fashion forecasting and visual art predictions from the greats of our time with countless other cultural prophecies gifted by spirit. Rihanna’s pregnancy a year in advance, Met Gala fashion forecasting, as well as predicting the visual art supporting Beyoncé’s Renaissance album, with countless other personal and cultural prophecies. 

I’m currently accepting bookings for the following: 1:1 business divinations and aligned brand partnerships and collaborations in the fashion, beauty and wellness spaces. This spirit-led consultation takes an intuitive approach to their business relations to scale up and stay ahead of the rest through spiritual awareness, brand activations and accurate predictions. 

A powerhouse for spirit since the age of 15...

And there’s more, I collaborated with spirit and created my own coveted community hub called House of AYIDA where you’re able to get the tea first on the following: 

1:1 readings 
Live ancestor led pick-a-card readings
Hoodoo centered community building
Candle magick rituals led by me

The house is for like-spirited folks who are ready to commit to their destiny and gain exclusive access to my spiritual services, while sharpening the tools of their own.

Shoot me a text to +1 (877) 636-2461) my new PSYCHIC HOTLINE you can access the word of spirit every week.

My calling is to show you...

Despite what you may have been taught, there is no degree of separation between you and the divine. I’m a reflection of the divine’s essence allowing my authentic self to shine in all my endeavors. Using the gifts bestowed upon me bears favor in me serving my highest self, my lineage and my community and as you can see honey, the ancestors are proud. I’m able to show you how to own your spiritual power, access the wisdom and acquire the tools all around you to conjure the life Spirit designed for you. 

What spirit has taught me...

As a conduit, I allow my ancestors and spirit to use me through creative workings, stylish expressions and soul-stirring spiritual insights to ignite what’s hidden within you and influence you to own your God written legacy.

You already have the answers you seek. Access the tools from your soul and call on your ancestral lineage to assist you in finding them. 

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